September 30, 2021

Creator‘s Corner - Pete Collins of The Bardic Verses

We are back with another peek behind the creative curtain and a project that we are both quite excited about. The Bardic Verses. We sit down with Pete Collins the Illustrator behind the comic and talk about his creative process, the challenges of drawing in multiple art styles within a single book, and of coarse about the book itself.


The Bardic Verses is an anthology-style graphic novel about a bard attempting to escape the long shadow of his warrior-family legacy. Our lead character Martiln Swordhand tells his tales in an old tavern and each tale is drawn in a different art style.

The Bardic Verses is first and foremost a love letter to traditional comics, tabletop RPGs, and sword and sorcery books. The stories within pay tribute to noir comics, Disney movies, Bill Watterson, Ryan Ottley, Rob Liefeld, Jack Kirby, and more!


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