February 18, 2020

Episode 38 - Video Game World Records with Grand Rapidians Play Video Games

Have you been wanting more great tastes that taste great together from your podcasts? You're in luck!

The boys have gone and done a special crossover event with Ginger and Willy of "Grand Rapidians play Video Games". Ben and Jon dive deep into the world of video game world records, thankfully with a couple of experts, as they have no experience on the topic whatsoever.

Come on out and have a blast learning a thing or two! 


The promo this week is from Jake & Tom Conquer the World! It is important that you get to know your soon to be geek overlords. What better way to do so than listen to their podcast! They talk about the latest in TV, Movies, and alcohol. WHat more could you ask for? Find them on twitter @thedrunkendork or listen to their latest episode (as of now) about beer and beef jerky.


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