May 12, 2020

Episode 44 - Jurassic Park

Travel back to a time seen as primitive by todays standards. A time when life was emerging from the metaphorical primordial ooze. A time when mankind had no idea the greatness they would come to achieve. It was a time of wonder. A time when you'd cheer for a lawyer getting eaten off of a toilet by a giant monster. A time when Steven Spielberg was still trying to use the magic of practical effects!!!

Yes, dear listeners, join the boys as they travel back to good old 1993 as they cover one of the most amazing technological marvels in filmmaking history! Marvel at the stunning emergence of both the best and worst thing to happen to special effects in the last 30 years. And live out your inner child dreams of seeing some big old dino-sours brought to life with a level of realism rarely matched in the 27 years since.

This week's promo is for The Fortress of Fandom Podcast. Join Garrett as he delves into the all your favorite fandoms. He should fit in nicely around here! 

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