July 1, 2020

Episode 47 - Fast Food

Feeling hungry for some cheap, greasy content guaranteed to fill you up at a super reasonable price? Get your antacids ready, cause the boys are coming at you with a super sized heaping helping of delicious conversation to stuff your ears and hearts with. Grab a value meal or three and be fatties with them for a couple hours.

Caution! Listen hungry at your own risk. Geeksploration: The Podcast and affiliates will not be responsible for any post-podcast gorging that may occur if warnings are ignored, 


This week's promo is for the fantastic Grief Burrito Poscast! Jordan & Harrison talk about games, movies, and spooky shit in the most exuberant way imaginable. These guys are a lot of fun and you should be listening to them.


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Theme song is "Cruisin' for Goblins" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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