August 11, 2020

Episode 50 - Collecting

Knick knacks, Tchotchkes, baubles, doodads and curios.

From stamps to Newspapers, action figures to porcelain dolls, you know there's something you love to hunt for... Maybe it's a beloved childhood icon, maybe it's a candy and toy fusion. Memorabilia, music, monster movies... It doesn't matter, long as you've got something you'll never get enough of!

Join the boys as they chat about some of their favorite collectibles and collections, maybe it'll get you excited for the hunt!


This week's promo is for Sistorically Accurate! They are a brand spanking new podcast where 2 sisters talk about history. A fresh podcast is like chum in the water for us podfiends. Go give them a listen!


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Theme song is "Cruisin' for Goblins" by Kevin MacLeod (

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