November 10, 2020

Episode 56 - ZARDOZ

Goldfinger? Hunt For Red October? Darby O'Gill and the Little People? 


No thank you.


In honor of Sean Connery, the boys decided to do a little dive into what is unquestionably one of the most bizarre movies, with a mostly cohesive story, to ever exist... What's that creepy giant floating head that coughs up guns? What's with the bandoliers, red undies, and thigh high boots? And just what caused the great Irish mirror shortage of '73? 

Some of these questions will be answered in this week's episode!


Watching this movie at the same time as the boys is strongly encouraged!


This week's promo is for The Book of Lies Podcast. It is all about scammers, scoundrels, swindlers, and con-men. Tune in each episode for a dive into the seedy underbelly of unscrupulous liars.


Also, we are still in full shill mode for the Kickstarter for Space Oddities #1! Our latest comic book venture. Please go give it a looksie if you haven't yet. If nothing else the video is worth a few minutes. I promise it is more coherent that the Zardoz trailer.


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