July 22, 2021

Episode 70 - Akira

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for for almost 3 years...



Come on out in celebration of inarguably one of the most influential Manga turned Anime turned continued Manga ever in history! What does the story mean? What did the movie do for introducing western audiences to Anime in a big bad way? Just where is the episode art this week?!?!?!!! Most of those questions will be answered as G:tP covers Katsuhiro Otomo's kickass classic.  


This weeks promo is for another great Geekly Grind podcast you should check out, Comic Book Keepers! Join Lance & Chris ad they delve deep into the world of comics. They cover fan favorites as well as lesser know characters and books and let you know which issues are required reading.

Geeksploration: the Podcast is a proud member of The Geekly Grind family. They are a collective of geek-minded folks covering gaming, comics, movies, and more. Go check out the other great stuff they have going on!


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