September 7, 2021

Episode 73 - Secret Wars

Welcome back to another comic geeky edition of Geeksploration: The Podcast! Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours in this episode!


This week the boys tackle Marvel's namesake that will not die! Whether it's 1984, 1984, 2015, or a non-plural entry in 2004, the old bullpen is always cooking up Secret Wars for you! See what heroes and villains square off against each other. Delight in hearing what holds up, and what is cringingly dated. Just what does this massive company crossover have to do with the toy line of the same name, anyway? 



This week's promo is for Not Suitable For Adults. Rich and Natalie wade through the baby shark infested waters of children's programming to let you know which shows are unbearable and which ones you will secretly enjoy. Go give them a listen!


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