June 9, 2020

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief - 2020-06-02

Hey there Geeksploronauts! We are back after having taken last week off in observance of #PodcastBlackout. Here is the debrief we recorded the week before that. Apologies if the news ain't so new anymore.

Timecodes & Links

Seeing White by Scene on Radio

Intro (03:08)

Snyder Cut of Justice League (08:03)

Superman with JJ (19:07)

Ghibli on HBO Max (23:29)

Muppets on D+ (26:43)

Space X launch & test failure (28:07)

D&D Movie (33:51)

Video Game News (37:48)

   - Grand Theft Radio for Android Auto

Show News (40:23)

New Reviews! (43:29)


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