July 21, 2020

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief - 2020-07-21

We once again return to fill you in on development in the Geekosphere!TImestamps and links below!


Obligatory Star Wars/Superhero Movie news (01:33)

Should we be excited for the GoT prequel? (08:54)

Jon watched Alone (11:43)

Eric Whitacre "Sing Together" (15:45)

Comet Neowise and Saturn fun (19:14)

Jon's fast food update (24:13)

Bitchin' Pathfinder 2e Bundle! (28:22)

Comic recomendations (31:54)

   - Allegence Comics

   - Bleed Them Dry

   - Doom Patrol

Corrections & Clarifications (36:36)



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