September 8, 2020

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief 2020-09-08

Welcome back Geeksploronauts! This episode is packed with controversy, betrayal, and death! Ok, maybe that is a bit over-dramitic. But it at least has a smattering of a couple of those in there somewhere.

Timestamps & Links:

Batman: The Navigator (01:08)

New Batsuit teased? (04:46)

I swear this is the last of the Batman new in this episode (08:37)

New Bond trailer (10:23)

The Boy's mea culpa (17:06)

Guess who was in B&TFtM? (20:15)

BRZRKR kerfuffle (21:12)

Kickstarter for XOB: The Lightning Weilder (25:18)

Once you pop the leaks don't stop (26:29)

Inktober hullabaloo (29:58)

Mecha-Pig let down (36:32)

Mexican Pizza craps out (40:56)

Chadwick Boseman (44:51)

Reviews (50:41)

Our second podiversery call to arms (52:10)


These mini-episodes are getting less mini and my descriptions are getting more vague. Does anyone even read this stuff??


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