January 26, 2021

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief 2021-01-26

Hey there Geeksploronauts! We have decided to get back to our roots and do a little less reading the news and a bit more shooting the shit. In this debrief we have brought back our recommendations on some rad stuff for you to check out, we chat about some new stuff we learned about, and we cover the juiciest tid-bits from the Geekosphere. 


Links and timestamps

Discoveries & Recommendations:

  - Reddit vs. Wall Street (01:50)

  - Supervoid Cinema (07:33)

  - Fantastic Four Audio Comics by Harry Bauer (11:05)

  - Jon's Comic Book Pull List (12:59)

      - Stillwater (Zdarsky & Perez / Image)

      - Bleed Them Dry (Rahal & Ruan / Vault)

      - Homesick Pilots (Caspar & Wijngaard / Image)

  - DC Future State so far (17:14)

  - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (24:45)

  - Comic Book Keepers Podcast (56:51)

News and such:

  - XBox Live Gold price hike (27:46)

  - No more Disney annual passes (30:49)

  - DC Universe Infinite (32:41)

  - JL/SC toseries and back again (36:53)

  - Godzilla vs Kong!!!! (38:04)

  - Batman the Animated Sequel? (43:29)

  - WandaVision thoughts (46:11)

  - Potato Bell (50:43)

  - I ain't afraid of this ghost (52:05)

Podcast stuffs:

  - Next episodes topic is Ghostbusters (55:40)

  - Bond is coming (58:47)

  - Don't forget to enter our Castlevania Season 1 giveaway!


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