February 23, 2021

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief 2021-02-23

Welcome back Geeksploronauts! This time I remembered how to do podcasting correctly and we have a full length audio file for your ears. This week we chat way too much DC stuff, 3 trailers from exciting to luke warm, a head scratching Tim Burton project, and we recommend some things that we enjoyed.


Timestamps & Links:

Jon learns something sad (00:40)

Ben learns something terrifying (03:04)

Aquaman: King of Atlantis art (06:27)

Should Lucy Lawless be Cara Dune? (09:11)

Supergirl cast for Flashpoint (11:19)

Final full Justice League Trailer (14:42)

    - Recut trailer Ben saw first

Gaming on the silver screen (18:40)

Nintendo Direct... (20:56)

Mortal Kombat trailer (24:17)

Cruella Da Fuq? (29:14)

Tim Burton vs The Addams Family (30:15)

I HAVE THE POWER!!!! (35:10)

Jon pees his pants in comic excitement (36:30)

Who is trying to buy DC print? (40:15)

Jon Recommends (45:02)

  -  Ignis Quadrant (Evan Carothers) - IndieGogo campagin for Issue 2

Ben Recommends (44:06)

  - Beer'd Al Podcast

  - Joel Haver

  - Habie417

Listener Voicemail (48:13)


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