May 4, 2021

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief 2021-05-04

Welcome back Geeksploronauts! We are back from our little spring break and at least one of us showed up prepared. No matter, we have a slew of items from the Geekosphere to talk about from Mortal Kombat to colonizing Mars!


Timestamps & links:

Ghostbusters Minipufts (04:04)

Shang Chi Trailer (06:09)

Mortal Kombat review (09:06)

Invincible [Amazon] review (15:07)

Jeff Goldblum plays D&D (19:01)

Elon Musk as Joh Hammond (21:14)

Ingenuity takes flight! (22:44)

Nuclear powered iPhones? (25:02)

Castlevania Resurrection (26:53)

Rolling with Cheez(28:38)


  - Operation Midnight Climax

  - Space Oddities - Available on Drive Thru Comics!

  - Gateleapers

  - Florida Men on Florida Man

Reviews! (37:27)


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