July 13, 2021

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief 2021-07-13

Welcome back Geeksploronauts! This week we are getting back to our roots. Or at least back to the roots of what we originally planned for the debrief. More casual chat and less reading of the news. Let us know if this is better or worse than normal. Also, let me know if you read this. I am 87% sure that nobody does.


Timestamps & Links

Whitewater rafting (01:21)

Jon feeds the trolls (05:53)

The late great Richard Donner (10:08)

We haven't seen Black Widow / Marvel credits rant (18:01)

What If? trailer (26:00)

Billionaires measuring their space dicks (29:45)

Should you add corn? (37:29)

Smodcastle Podtheater (43:14)


   - Jon #1: Crossover #7 (46:07) [Comic]

   - Ben #1: Dark Dice (50:51) [Podcast]

   - Ben #2: Sloober (54:24) [Dog's Name]

   - Jon #2: Skill Share (56:00) [You know what this is]

Mailbag w/ Overlord Dan from The Movie Cellar (59:35)


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