November 16, 2021

Geeksploronaut Off Topic Debrief 2021-11-09

Hey there ***PANT...PANT*** Sorry we're late. It has been a busy couple weeks. We actually recorded this episode back on the 6th, but then Ben kinda forgot to edit it. But fear not! It has made it's triumphant if dated return! This month is going to be a bit funky with the Kickstarter and all, but we will try our best not to let you brave Geeksploronauts down again!


Timestamps & Links

Space Oddities #2 is live on Kickstarter!  (06:15)

F-100 Eluminator (15:43)

Book of Boba Fett peek (22:54)

MCU general chat (27:00)

Spiderman (31:38)

Recommendations (40:46)

   - Ben: Bigfoot Knows Karate (40:59)

   - A1 Comics live sales and charity auction (41:56)

            St Jude Charity Auction on 11/19


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