June 2, 2020

Podcast Blackout

There is no episode this week. In order to make space for the voices of those in the black and other minority communities who have for to long had to tolerate violence and unequal treatment by the state. Taking time off from listening to silly podcasts about trivial things like comics, movies, and nostalgia in order to listen to the experiences of those who fear for their lives during a traffic stop or don't feel safe calling the police for help when they need it is a worthwhile effort. And one we will happily support.

We generally strive to avoid politics on the Podcast. But there is nothing political about the value of human life. Regardless of your political bent we all agree that the law, and it's enforcement, should apply to everyone equally. Sadly this is not the case. This isn't an issue that will be easy or comfortable to address. But given the will I believe it is something we can solve.

One podcast series I can recommend during this blackout is Scene on Radio's eye opening series "Seeing White". I listened to it last year and it provided me with some much needed perspective. It isn't specifically about police violence, but it made me think more about race than I ever had before.

Stay safe. Stay strong. 

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